Saturday, June 24, 2017

Report from the Chairman of the Board

By Rev. Jeff Kingswood

Our Spring meetings are always a highlight in the work of our board, for they are built around the graduation banquet and ceremony. We get to see the fruit of the many hours professors, students, staff, and supporters have put into the work of the seminary. This year, we conferred one special degree, and we graduated nine men who are heading into ministry. Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary produces pastors. That is our calling.

That calling is reflected in the board’s adoption of a new motto for the school, emphasizing what we do: “Equipping Preachers, Pastors, and Churchmen for Christ’s Kingdom.” That motto’s truth is most clearly seen when we look at our graduates, the vast majority of whom go on to serve pastorates throughout North America, but also around the world. Our incoming class has students from the United States, Canada, India, Brazil, Peru, Korea, and Nigeria.

In order to equip men as preachers, pastors, and churchmen, we continue to build our faculty and staff with that vision in mind. We are actively considering faculty additions that could expand our already capable team. Our staff is increasingly proficient, and we are seeking to provide them with technology to improve their engagement with our students and supporters.

Like an individual Christian, a seminary cannot stand still — we need to be constantly growing and adapting to the challenges and opportunities that God places before us. Toward that end, we have added new board members who represent our growing constituency. The Rev. Lt. Cornelius Johnson, CHC, USN; the Rev. Dr. David McWilliams; the Rev. Travis Grassmid; and the Rev. Dr. Kevin Backus were all elected to our board last month to help us to provide the governance our growing seminary requires. (See separate report for details.)