Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Library Receives Major Book Donations

Greenville Seminary’s Smith-Singer Library and Bookstore have recently received several sizable book donations.

The donations have been unusually rich in content. The majority of the books in these collections are being made available to our students at below market prices in order to help these future preachers, pastors, and churchmen build their theological libraries. Some volumes are added to our own library collection.

We also set aside some of the books for Reformed brethren in Nigeria. One of our master of arts students is ordained through a Reformed denomination in Nigeria, and is planning to take several boxes of books back with him for use in his ministry and in an orphanage that he is overseeing.

But where do these books come from? Sometimes book donations come from long-time supporters of the Seminary. At other times, we receive a call from someone in the community who has heard of the school through a local contact. Over the years, several individuals have also brought books with them to the annual Spring Theology Conference to donate to the library.

If you are interested in partnering with the GPTS Smith-Singer Library through donating books, please contact our librarian, Andy Wortman at awortman@gpts.edu or call 864-322-2717.

The Smith-Sanger Library at Greenville Seminary