Thursday, February 9, 2017

UK Extension Campus Library Grows

Last year Greenville Seminary acquired a major portion of the library of retired professor and trustee Dr. George W. Knight III. Eighty boxes of books from this acquisition were shipped to our extension campus in England, Westminster Presbyterian Theological Seminary, in Gateshead, arriving last September.

The following response was received from one of the students there, Nathan Hilton:

We were delighted, humbled, and thankful for the kind donation of over 80 boxes of books from GPTS. This sizable donation has taken our catalogue to almost 4,000 books, which is pretty impressive when you consider that we only began building the library a few years ago. The picture (below) showcases part of our library as well as our full-time students/ministerial assistants: Nathan Hilton, and Florian Weicken. Greenville’s, and Dr Knight’s donation will help us tremendously as we pursue a theological programme for students throughout the UK and Europe. Westminster Presbyterian Theological Seminary would like to express our sincere thanks to all who were involved in the packing, sorting, and shipping of the books; we received them as an expression of your love and care for us. Be assured that our small body here in England reciprocates that love and care; we pray for your support and blessings in Christ.