Monday, January 9, 2017

Podcast News

The latest edition of Faith and Practice, the GPTS podcast's question and answer feature, is now available for listening. In this edition, Dr. Joseph Pipa deals with the following topics/questions: worship, careers that require employment on the Lord’s Day, prayer, divorce and remarriage, the exegesis of Matthew 13:24-30, church calendars and Halloween, the sacred name of God, and others. Visit the Confessing Our Hope webcast site for this new program and others. Also watch the GPTS Facebook page for notices of live broadcasts from time to time. Listen here.

In other podcasting news, Dr. Ryan McGraw, professor of systematic theology at Greenville Seminary, recently was interviewed on the Iron Sharpens Iron podcast, speaking on “Knowing the Trinity: Practical Thought for Daily Life” and “Christ’s Glory, Your Good: Salvation Planned, Promised, Accomplished & Applied.”

Dr. Michael Morales, professor of biblical theology at GPTS, discussed a recent book on the prophecy of Isaiah on his "New Books Network" podcast. Dr. Morales interviewed Andrew Abernathy, The Book of Isaiah: A Thematic-theological Approach.

"As with the other major prophets, the Book of Isaiah can be intimidating–its sheer length, its seemingly disjointed organization, its varied and distant historical context," says Dr. Morales. "While a few passages are familiar, like Isaiah’s call in chapter 6, the prince of peace in chapter 9, and the suffering servant in chapter 53, yet getting a handle on the logic and flow of the whole book remains a significant challenge to many."