Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Meditation on the Incarnation

Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary Students, Faculty and Staff Extend Our Appreciation to All Who Have Made 2016 a Year of Blessing and Joy in the Service of Our Incarnate Lord and His Church!


From "St. Athanasius: On the Incarnation":

"This is the further kindness of the Saviour that, having become man for our sake, He not only offered His own body to death on our behalf, that He might redeem all from death, but also, desiring to display to us His own heavenly and perfect way of living, He expressed this in His very self. It was as knowing how easily the devil might deceive us, that He gave us, for our peace of mind, the pledge of His own victory that He had won on our behalf. But He did not stop there: He went still further, and His own self performed the things He had enjoined us on us. Every man therefore may both hear Him speaking and at the same time see in His behavior the pattern for his own, even as he himself has bidden, saying, 'Learn of Me, for I am meet and lowly of heart.' Nowhere is more perfect teaching of virtue to be found than in the Lord's own life. Forbearance, love of men, goodness, courage, mercy, righteousness, all are fond in Him; and in the same way no virtue will be lacking to him who fully contemplates this human life of Christ."