Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Enlist in Mission 30: Its Vision and Objectives

Mission 30 Progress - $250,438
$0 $250,000

We need your help to advance Mission 30 during the coming 30th Anniversary year of service for Christ and His Church. Will you partner with us in this vital cause by increasing your usual level of support? If you have not yet joined the cause, won't you give $25, $50, $100, $500 or more now

Challenge Grants: A group of key individuals within the seminary family have pledged gifts totaling $28,000 and are challenging you to join them in supporting Mission 30!  

Scroll down to see examples of what your gift will accomplish in the lives and ministries of our students.

Mission 30 Vital Statistics:

  • $19,000: Annual cost to educate each student. 
  • $5,900: Average tuition paid per student (30%)
  • $13,100: Average difference met by supporters (70%)

VISION: As we enter our 30th year of training men for the Gospel ministry, we must lay a solid base of financial support to advance the mission to which God has called us — building on an old foundation an educational edifice structured to meet the spiritual needs of the 21st century church. Our long-term needs include future faculty expansion, amortizing capital debt, building an academic chair endowment, and stimulating our international outreach.

FISCAL FACTS: More immediately, the Fiscal Year 2016-17 seminary budget contemplates income of $1.28 million, including $1 million in general fund gifts from individuals and churches. The budget anticipates $1.27 million in expenses. 

OBJECTIVE: To achieve our budgeted needs and build a safety reserve for the second half of our 2016-17 fiscal and academic year, we have set the Mission 30 goal at $250,000 to be raised by the end of December 2016. We ask you to prayerfully consider a gift at this critical hour.

In 1987, three students entered the doors of a new theological school in downtown Greenville, South Carolina, to sit under the instruction of scholars committed to the guardianship of the Truth Delivered — the authoritative, inspired Word of God contained in the Bible. The venue has since changed, but the commitment has not.

From the beginning, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary has been organically connected to the historic confessions of the Great Reformation, particularly the Westminster Standards, to which all faculty members annually subscribe. These are the Framework for all of our teaching — with the Bible our one sure Foundation and the preaching of the Gospel our first Focus.

For three decades, God has graciously endowed us with the high calling of training men for the timeless task of teaching and preaching His Truth to all the world. Mission 30 acknowledges His marching orders to carry on until we can lay our work before His throne and say, "By Your Grace, Mission Accomplished."

What Your Support Accomplishes

GPTS has more than 200 alumni ministering around the world in churches, mission fields, chaplaincies, Christian education, and other Kingdom endeavors. Here are some testimonies from recent, current and past students relating what their GPTS education has accomplished in their lives and ministries.

“I am profoundly grateful for my time at GPTS. I am thankful for the camaraderie of classmates, the conversations, and the constructive sharpening of one another. I am thankful for the seminary's unwavering commitment to the Scriptures and the Westminster Confession of Faith. I am thankful for the level of godliness and academic excellence in my professors.  I am grateful for the professors’ personal investment in me. I am thankful that GPTS trains men to preach!”
 ~ Steven Cook, Class of ‘16

“I eagerly and proudly own my association with GPTS and love her dearly. I wouldn’t be who I am without my time as a student and staff member there — some of my happiest days of employment and Christian fellowship.”
 ~ Chris Larson, President & CEO, Ligonier Ministries

“GPTS taught me how to preach Christ passionately, to love of Reformed Confessions, and to pursue personal godliness by the Spirit’s power, all of which have enabled me to pastor and to teach better to the glory of God. As a minister of the gospel and a seminary professor, I am grateful to experience the generosity of God’s people, which enables me to proclaim the unsearchable riches of Christ to a new generation of ministers. I and my colleagues labor through the church and for the church, and we would not have it any other way.”
~ Dr. Ryan McGraw, Professor of Systematic Theology, Class of '08.

"GPTS has taught me the vital importance of wedding confessional theology and experiential piety—light and heat, head and heart, doctrine and life. This balanced approach has equipped me for the pastoral ministry in numerous ways. First, I’ve learned the primacy of expository preaching with practical application. Whether from the Hebrew OT or the Greek NT, preaching Christ is the central hub from which all other gospel endeavors flow. Second, I’ve learned the priority of public worship. It is through the ordinary means of grace—the Word, sacraments, and prayer—that the Lord builds up His church. Third, I’ve learned the privilege and responsibility of communion with the Triune God. It is only by personally knowing the Lord that I can pastor His flock."
~ Ethan Bolyard, third-year student