Monday, November 7, 2016

Tune In To New Broadcasts at Confessing our Hope

New broadcasts are regularly aired and posted at Greenville Seminary's Confessing Our Hope internet radio program. Here are three of the latest editions hosted by our podcaster Bill Hill.

Graduate Spotlight #1 — Greenville Seminary graduate Mr. Lowell Ivey is our guest as we launch the first “Graduate Spotlight” edition of the podcast. In this edition, we talk with Lowell about the work God has called him to in Virginia Beach, Va. Lowell is the organizing pastor of Reformation Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Virginia Beach.

A Sad Departure — Scottish Author David Randall discusses his book dealing with a split in the Church of Scotland over "the gay question."

Presbytopia — Ken Golden was our guest as we discuss his book Presbytopia.  Mr. Golden, a minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, considers the distinctives of being a Presbyterian, the basis for making a profession of faith and the role of the church as a means of grace.

Faith and Practice #30 — Dr. Joseph Pipa Jr. answers more listener questions. This edition explores topics such as union with Christ, church nurseries, modernization of the Westminster Standards, systematic theology, republication and the OPC study report, Eastern Orthodoxy and more.

Faith and Practice #29 — Dr. Pipa answers questions dealing with choirs, repentance, leadership in the church, confessional subscription, licensure and ordination exams, racial reconciliation and more. (Audio quality degraded)

The Christian and Education — Dr. Jay Green was our guest as we discuss the topic of education, and particularly the “Faithful Learning” series put out by P and R. More information can be found here: