Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Winter Term Courses and Continuing Education

The Winter Term intensive instructional program at Greenville Seminary January 2-20, 2017 offers a special opportunity for pastors and others to obtain continuing education credits. The courses in historical and applied theology may be audited ($30 per credit hour) or taken for credit ($200 per credit hour). The courses include:

  • AT20 Introduction to Homiletics, Mr. Breno Macedo, 3 credit hours. An introduction to the biblical, Reformed view of preaching. The course will focus on the primacy of preaching, sermon preparation and delivery, the art of exposition and application, and some necessary emphases and pitfalls in preaching.
  • AT30 Reformed Worship, Dr. Joseph A. Pipa, Jr., 2 credit hours. This course equips students to articulate what is biblical in Reformed worship, to develop its principles from Scripture, to critique modern attacks on the Regulative Principle, to trace its development in history, and to apply the principles of worship to the preparation and leading of worship.
  • AT40 Reformed Pastor, Dr. Ian Hamilton, 3 credit hours. A study of the day-to-day responsibilities of a local pastor, covering the role of the pastor as administrator, ruler, teacher, counselor, and friend.
  • HT10 Presbyterian Church History, Dr. C.N. Willborn, 2 credit hours, includes a tour of historic sites in Charleston and Columbia, S.C.
Contact the Office of the Registrar for enrollment information. E-mail: Phone: Kathleen Curto, 864-322-2717 ext. 302. Online registration available soon.