Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Podcast News: Federal Vision Exposed and Dismantled

New broadcasts are regularly aired and posted at Greenville Seminary's Confessing Our Hope podcast.

Pastor Dewey Roberts was the latest guest as he discussed his book Historic Christianity and the Federal Vision. Listen here.
The book was written as a response to a new twist on the old problem of legalism and to defend the unchanging gospel. The "Federal Vision" perspective teaches salvation by both moral works and ceremonial works. Pastor Roberts argues that it is leading the church back into Catholicism and the views opposed by the Protestant reformers. He carefully exposes and dismantles the views of the Federal Vision in twenty-two chapters. The false teachings of the Federal Vision on regeneration, grace, baptism, justification by faith, perseverance, election, and several others are assessed.
Dewey Roberts is pastor of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Destin, Florida. He is a retired military chaplain with the rank of colonel. He is executive director of Church Planting International.