Wednesday, October 5, 2016

New Look for Katekōmen

Greenville Seminary's online scholarly journal Katekōmen has a fresh new look. The new appearance has a white background for the text of articles, making it more readable. The style is a blend of contemporary and traditional. And the layout has a visual kinship to the seminary's e-newsletter, GPTS Online, that you are currently reading.

Journal content is updated regularly, with book reviews among the most frequent features, most often by Katekōmen's book reviewer and most prolific contributor, Dr. Ryan McGraw, professor of systematic theology. Also featured are articles, essays and papers by GPTS students, faculty and other contributors. The journal includes a sidebar with a monthly table of contents and a listing of topical categories and authors for articles on a wide variety of subjects. By clicking on a category tag, the reader will find all articles which in some way relate to the tag.

* * * * *

The journal's title is taken from a Greek word meaning "to hold fast," as included on the seminary's logo citing Hebrews 10:23 — "Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering." The motto reflects the seminary's commitment to biblical confessionalism.

We hope you enjoy the new look and visit the journal often.