Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Podcast News: Faith & Practice, the Trinity, and Biblical Languages

New broadcasts have been aired and posted at Greenville Seminary's Confessing Our Hope podcast.

GPTS President Joseph Pipa Jr. answers more listener questions in this 27th edition of "Faith and Practice." Topics covered in this broadcast include the vitals of religion, the correct interpretation of Jude 1:9, excommunication, and more. Listen here.

"Faith and Practice" No. 28 has also aired. Topics include more on the vitals of religion, the Lord’s Supper, preaching, God’s leading, the Sabbath Day, and more. Listen here.

Dr. Ryan McGraw, GPTS professor of systematic theology, discusses his booklet Is the Trinity Practical. The Trinity is an important doctrine, yet many Christians perceive it as difficult to understand and irrelevant to their Christian lives. Dr. McGraw explains that the Trinity is the foundation of the gospel, which we must come to understand as the work of all three divine persons—Father, Son, and Spirit. He shows us, in practical application, the ways that we grow in grace and piety as we learn to apply the truths of the Trinity to our daily walk with God. Listen here.

Greenville Seminary Professors Dr. Ben Shaw and Dr. Sid Dyer were guests on the program to discuss the importance and value of learning the biblical languages. This program will help students who are entering seminary to prepare for the hard work of learning Hebrew and Greek and offer some practical guidance to those who are currently learning the languages. Dr. Shaw is professor of Old Testament and Hebrew and Dr. Dyer is professor New Testament and Greek at the seminary. Listen here.