Monday, August 8, 2016

Podcast News

Six new broadcasts have been aired and posted at Greenville Seminary's Confessing Our Hope podcast.

Dr. Allan Harman discussed his book Preparation for Ministry. This interview covered relevant items related to the call to the pastoral ministry as well as preparing for the ministry and practical advice for those graduating from seminary. Listen here.

GPTS President Joseph Pipa Jr. answers more listener questions in this 26th edition of "Faith and Practice." Topics covered in this broadcast include liberterianism, covenant children, the doctrine of justification, leaving the Presbyterian Church in America, confessionalism, Christian Sabbath, the Trinity, and more. Listen here.

"Faith and Practice" No. 27 upcoming soon.

Dr. Chad Van Dixhoorn was our guest. The topic of conversation was the Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary Summer Institute held each year on campus. This year's topic was "Ambassador, Physician, Shepherd: The Westminster Assembly and Pastoral Ministry." The years 1643-1653 mark the one decade of English Puritanism where godly divines could serve as architects for the remodeling of a national church. Dr. Van Dixhoorn narrated the Westminster Assembly’s debates and discussions about preaching, pastoral care, and church governance. The class examined the ideals and realities of the Puritan experiment and considered how lessons from the past can impact our ministries today. Listen here.

Two new podcasts deal with developments in the Presbyterian Church in America.

Dr. David Hall was interviewed on a scathing article he wrote on one particular decision of the PCA General Assembly — to appoint a committee to study the role of women in ministry. This article is titled “A Way Forward for PCA Peace, Health, and Unity.” The full article can be found here. Dr. Hall is a minister in the Presbyterian Church in America and is the Senior Pastor of Midway PCA in Powder Springs, Ga. Listen here.

Daniel Jarstfer, pastor of Christ Our Hope Presbyterian Church, PCA, graduate of Greenville Seminary and board member, was our guest to discuss the 2016 General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America, held in Mobile, Ala. in June. Listen here.