Thursday, July 7, 2016

30th Anniversary Year Upcoming with August Convocation

Greenville Seminary will be entering our 30th anniversary year with the start of the 2016-17 academic year on Aug. 18th. Here are key academic dates for the coming year.

2016-17 Academic Calendar

Fall 2016 Semester

Aug 18-19
Aug 19
Fall 1st Day of Classes
Aug 24
Last Day to Add
Sept 2
Last Day to Drop
Sept 9
Fall Break
Oct 10–14
Winter Registration
Nov 2
Nov 23-25
Term Papers Due
Dec 2
Spring Registration
Dec 2
Reading Days
Dec 5-9
Dec 12-16
Winter 2017 Term

Winter Classes
Jan 2-13
Winter Reading/Exams
Jan 16-20
Spring 2017 Semester

Spring 1st Day of Classes (p.m.)
Jan 24
Last Day to Add
Feb 3
Last Day to Drop
Feb 10
Spring Theology Conference
Mar 14-16
Spring Break
Mar 20-24
Term Papers Due
May 5
Reading Days
May 8-12
Examination Period
May 15-19
Fall Semester Reg. Due
May 5
May 19