Friday, May 6, 2016

"The Value of Sound Theology": April 2016 Financial Report

During this past academic year, God has done great things here at GPTS, not the least of which were the addition of two brilliant new faculty members, one of the best theology conferences we have ever hosted, expanding interest in our media programs, advancements in our international extensions and outreach, more personal contact with our supporters, a deeper commitment to piety and revival through fasting and prayer, and much more. 

As our academic year draws to a close, so too does the 2015-16 Fiscal Year. Although we have managed by God's grace, the generosity of His people, and careful stewardship to meet our financial obligations to date and realize the above accomplishments, our financial accounts have seen many fluctuations from month to month, necessitating appropriation of limited reserve funds, as the financial report below shows.

Yet, the value of what we do here at GPTS is best measured in the progress of our students, who often could not answer their calls to the ministry through an education at GPTS without the investment our donors make in this low-tuition institution. We recently received a large donation from an elder in Charleston, S.C., saying, "I have served on the Examinations Committee at Presbytery in the past. GPTS students stand head and shoulders above other candidates entering the gospel ministry. Thank you for all you do for Christ’s Kingdom."

Here, in the words of some of our current students, are testimonials about what your gifts are accomplishing:

Zack and Jocelyn Groff
"I thank God for working His kind providence through GPTS and its generous supporters in providing me with a world-class seminary education. Through GPTS, I am able to pursue the training that I need for a Christ-exalting pastoral ministry. My experiences in this past year confirm GPTS's reputation for biblically faithful (and affordable) instruction in the theological tradition of confessional Presbyteriansm. The affordability and flexibility of the distance program has allowed me to begin my studies without uprooting my family, leaving my full-time job, or going into debt. Before I found out about GPTS, I thought that this kind of program simply did not exist. I thank God for leading me to Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary!" — Zack Groff

Curt and Precious Straeter
"My first year at GPTS has shown my wife and me the immense value of sound theology that is practically applied. Every class is a means to cultivate godliness not only in a future congregation, but even in my family's life now as I study, all to the chief end of God's glory. This semester, Dr. Morales's Pentateuch class has served as a shining example of such application, and it has been one of the finest courses of any kind I have taken at any institution." — Curt Straeter

Michael and Melissa Spangler

"My professors at GPTS show me every day more and more of the glory of Christ in his Word, and make me more and more eager to preach his glorious gospel!" — Michael Spangler


Our total-income budget for the current fiscal year, which ends June 30, is $1.23 million. As things stand, we will need some $133,000 during May and June to meet our budgeted obligations for the rest of FY2015-16. Although God has graciously provided in such a way that we have never ended a fiscal year in the red, each year sees financial valleys during many months. We have been able this year to tap a reserve made possible through a bequest received during the previous year, but we will need an additional $200,000 above budget to replenish that crucial reserve for the new fiscal and academic year.

The tables below indicate our general operating fund financial situation as of the end of April 2016 and the first 10 months of our 2015-16 fiscal year. Unrestricted general fund donations from churches and individuals during April totaled $36,930, which was $31,028 below the $67,958 budgeted for such income. Total income for April was $53,748, including $16,667 from a reserve stemming from an unbudgeted bequest. Expenses of $97,318 were $4,168 below the $101,486 budgeted for expenses.

Donation Income (Unrestricted)
Other Income*
Total Income
Net Income

Donation Income (Unrestricted)
Other Income*
Net Income

*Includes a $16,667 monthly draft from a 2015 bequest reserve (see graph below).

 Capital Campaign Goal
 Long-term Pledges Outstanding
 Total Received and Pledged
 Outstanding Obligations
 Monthly Payment (Interest Only)
 Remaining Mortgage

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Most of all, be fervent in prayer that God would provide all that is needed for us to do what He has called us to do in this ministry which the church so badly needs in these uncommon times.

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