Thursday, April 7, 2016

Web Site Note: Under Revision

The GPTS web site at continues to be a source of comprehensive information about the work of Greenville Seminary. With the publication of our new 2016-19 Academic Catalog, however, much of the program and administrative information on the web site will soon be out of date. That's because much of the web site parallels the content of the catalog.

Web Administrator Christopher Campbell is working diligently to update the dozens of pages which describe our degrees, courses, faculty, tuition rates and policies. This is a substantial undertaking, and we apologize for any confusion which may result before the updating process is complete. Currently, the best way to get the latest information about our programs which becomes effective with the Fall 2016 semester is to view and/or download a copy of the new catalog, which is accessible through our web site at here.

Every three years, Greenville Seminary revises and publishes a new Academic Catalog, reflecting changes in curriculum, policies and administrative details. The new catalog for academic years 2016-19, now in full color, was published in March 2016 and includes new information about full-time resident and adjunct faculty members and major changes in Biblical Studies curriculum and degree programs.

Among the administrative changes reflected in the new catalog is a tuition rate increase to $200 per credit hour, effective July 2016. Thus, for example, a 3-hour course will cost $600. The catalog notes that tuition will increase annually by $10 per credit hour. GPTS tuition still remains among the lowest among comparable seminaries.

Meanwhile, we encourage you to continue using our web site as a tool for connecting to many resources beyond our academic information, such as media & books, church connections, confessions & creeds, articles, events, current and archives news, support ideas and rationale, and much more.