Thursday, April 7, 2016

Opportunities for Women and Families at GPTS

Seminary Ladies Fellowship

This group for GPTS women fills the need for a prospective pastor's wife to be prepared for life after her husband's graduation. The faculty wives have created a four-year curriculum that is presented by those who share their experience, insights, and biblical perspective for equipping our seminary wives for their future roles. If you are married to a GPTS student, your time in the seminary community will be greatly enhanced through the program and activities of this group, which meets periodically throughout the school year. The Ladies Fellowship is also open to female students, staffers and other women associated with the seminary.

Chapel Services

Services are held on campus on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The services are designed primarily to assist students, faculty, and staff in their spiritual growth and to expose students to various types of preachers and preaching. These services also provide an excellent opportunity for seminary families to grow spiritually and to be regularly exposed to the great benefits of the Word of God throughout the week, in addition to worship on the Lord's Day. On Tuesdays, Reformed pastors from the community and region offer messages. On Wednesdays, President Joseph Pipa Jr. regularly preaches a series of sermons from the Scriptures. On Thursdays, faculty members and students rotate in the chapel pulpit.

The Master of Arts Degree Program

Greenville Seminary recognizes the benefits of offering a degree program for those who desire a theological education but do not need or qualify for the ministerial Master of Divinity program. The Master of Arts degree is offered, emphasizing Biblical and doctrinal studies, apologetics and personal piety. The M.A. program can be an excellent opportunity for men and women in non-church professions to deepen their understanding of the Christian faith. The program may also be designed to provide a concentration in one of the following areas: Biblical Languages, Church History, Apologetics, and Systematic Theology. The M.A. program will ground the candidate in the content and interpretation of the Bible, allow her or him to deal systematically with the doctrines of the Bible and with the rich history of the church. It pays particular attention to the development of doctrine and to the Reformed tradition. All women registering for courses at GPTS are required to affirm that they will not use credits earned at the seminary in future pursuit of any program leading to ordination to the offices of minister, elder or deacon in any church.

Recreation and Fellowship

A number of opportunities are offered throughout the year for fellowship and recreation for seminary families. Students, faculty and staff of the seminary enjoy a delightful time of fellowship during an annual fall seminary picnic. This is an opportunity for new students and their families to be knit together with the seminary family. There are games, food, and time to sit and talk. Every year the Seminary Student Body Association hosts a winter dinner the first Friday of the spring semester for the seminary community, offering great food and a talent show for entertainment. Special breakfasts have been offered annually during the Fall and Spring Semesters. A wives graduation brunch is offered around Commencement time, and a dinner for new students and their families is held each Fall. A variety of receptions are held from time to time in conjunction with special seminary events such as convocations and graduations. A child-care room is available on the first floor of the seminary building as needed.