Thursday, April 7, 2016

Dr. Curto to Speak at Youth Conference

Dr. Tony Curto, Greenville Seminary Associate Professor of Practical Theology, will speak at the 2016 Biblical Worldview Student Conference at Milligan College in Elizabethtown, Tennessee May 30-June 3.

The conference seeks to train young men and women (age 15 to college seniors) to grow in the faith and be better equipped to face the challenges of an increasingly hostile world. 

Dr. Curto is a missionary evangelist and teaches missions, evangelism, and apologetics at GPTS.

Other speakers include Dr. E. Calvin Beisner of the Cornwall Alliance, a Christian environmental organization; Dr. Jorge Klajnbart, retired Army colonel and bio-ethics expert; Sy Ten Bruggencate, a biblical apologetics lecturer and debater; and musician Gregory Wilbur.

"Christian students know life is more than fun and games. They need and welcome access to answers to life’s issues through God’s wisdom," BWSC organizers say. "Increasingly the favorite sport of many college professors and those speaking loudest in society is to ridicule the Christian faith and its application to all of life.

"Through the Biblical Worldview Student Conference, Christian young people will be better trained to be discerning and thoughtful, ready and able to handle the intellectual warfare of a culture increasingly hostile to Christianity. God’s Spirit is working to prepare the next generation to use God’s Word toward building God-honoring change in the world."

GPTS has perennially recommended this conference and frequently contributes speakers. To register, go here.