Tuesday, February 9, 2016

"A Faithful Seminary"

Few things encourage a faculty and staff of a seminary more than a strong endorsement from one of its alumni. Such was the case when Nicholas Batzig, organizing pastor of New Covenant Presbyterian Church in Richmond Hill, Georgia, posted an unsolicited testimonial at his Feeding On Christ blog in late January.

“I am grateful for the many faithful seminaries that the Lord has raised up in the United States to help train men for pastoral ministry,” he wrote, naming a number of institutions with which he has had favorable interaction.

“Over the years, I have spoken little and written nothing about which seminary I would recommend – when individuals have asked me. Truth be told, I would recommend a number of the schools listed above based on who a particular individual is and where that person is seeking to serve in the future. I happened to go to a seminary that is not as well-known as those mentioned above. Despite the fact that I rarely promote a single theological seminary, I wanted to take a moment to give an unelicited hat tip to my alma mater – Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary – for their faithfulness in preparing men for Gospel ministry.”

Mr. Batzig went on to list and explain six key reasons why he recommends GPTS:

  • Love of Scripture
  • Love of the Gospel
  • Love of the Confessions
  • Love of the Church
  • Love of Preaching
  • Love of Reformed Traditions

We encourage you to read the full details here. GPTS expresses its thanks to Mr. Batzig for his kind words. We believe such testimonials reflect "our story" as an institution and remind us to be faithful to the mission to which God has called us.