Monday, January 11, 2016

Faculty/Alumni Publishing News

Two Greenville Seminary alumni, one now an associate professor, have joined their efforts to produce a new booklet exploring the biblical rationale for church membership.

Dr. Ryan McGraw, associate professor of systematic theology, and Ryan Speck, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Columbia, Mo., have co-authored Is Church Membership Biblical?, a new addition to the Reformation Heritage Books "Cultivating Biblical Godliness Series."

Dr. Michael Morales, in addition to some book reviews, is working on a commentary for the book of Numbers in the Apollos Old Testament Commentary Series (InterVarsity Press) and a book chapter on the Old Testament background to the atonement as discussed in the book of Hebrews.

Click below to see and order Dr. Morales's commentary on Leviticus, "Who Shall Ascend the Mountain of the Lord?"

Visit the seminary's online Bookstore here for more faculty publications (click on the Faculty & Alumni Publications tab subsections for Dr. Joseph Pipa Jr, Dr. James McGoldrick and emeritus professor Dr. Morton Smith).

See Dr. McGraw's books at the GPTS Amazon bookstore here. In addition to Dr. McGraw's frequent contributions to the GPTS online journal Katekōmen, his writing projects include:


  • Essay on Owen’s Trinitarian Piety (Fall issue of Westminster Theological Journal
  • Review article of Frame’s Systematic Theology (Mid-America Journal of Theology 2015 issue)
  • Owen on the Law and the Gospel (Calvin Theological Journal, pending revisions)
  • Owen on Genesis 3:15 (Brill’s Journal of Reformed Theology, pending revisions)
  • Translation and Annotations of Wollebius’ Prolegomena (Confessional Presbyterian Journal, 2015)
  • The Trinity and Christ’s Resurrection (New Horizons, April 2015)


  • Van Dixhoorn on WCF (PRJ, July 2015)
  • Oxford Handbook of Martin Luther’s Theology (PRJ, Jan. 2016)
  • De Moor on Marckius (Banner of Truth)
  • Junius on True Theology (Mid-America Journal of Theology)
  • Pederson on Unity and Diversity in Puritanism (Calvin Theological Journal)
  • The Myth of the Reformation (PRJ, Jan. 2016)
  • The Theology of the French Reformed Churches (Calvin Theological Journal)


  • Why Should I Deny Myself? (July 2015; Cultivating Biblical Godliness series)
  • Is Church Membership Biblical? (McGraw/Speck; Cultivating Biblical Godliness series)
  • Do I Really Have Time for This? (time management; CBG series)

McGraw Projects in Process


  • Annotated translation of Wollebius’ Compendium of Christian Theology
  • How Should I Keep the Sabbath? (CBG series)
  • How Does the Trinity Affect My Life? (CBG series)
  • How Can I Remember and Apply the Bible? (CBG series)
  • Out of the Church There is No Ordinary Possibility of Salvation (Title in progress; Confirmed volume in Explorations in Reformed Confessional Theology series for RHB)
Collection of Essays on Owen’s Theology (collecting the essays and preparing a proposal for V&R)