Monday, January 11, 2016

Confessing Our Hope Podcast

New broadcasts are now available at Confessing Our Hope, Greenville Seminary's online broadcasting outreach, hosted by Bill Hill.

Mr. Hill has also announced that some future podcasts will be broadcast live. To learn more about this exciting new option, go here.

Tune in to listen to these broadcasts:

"Cheaper in Dozens" — Jim Holmes, the proprietor of a new venture called Cheaper in Dozens, was our guest as we talked about his goals and desires for people to read more books. Cheaper in Dozens aims to promote and supply biblically based resources in higher-volume quantities at affordable prices, and to encourage people to read and live transformed lives to the glory of God.

"Confessional Presbyterian / Church History Tour" — Adjunct Professor Dr. Nick Willborn discusses two topics. First, we spent a few minutes talking about The Confessional Presbyterian, a theological journal of wide popularity. Second, we spoke about the Presbyterian Church History class and tour that is offered every Winter Term at GPTS.

"Faith and Practice" #18 and #19 and #20 — GPTS President Dr. Joseph Pipa answers listeners' questions. In the latest edition (#20), Dr. Pipa answers questions related to union membership by Christians, special needs children, missionaries, baptism and apostasy, and more.

These broadcasts, along with a number of other recent editions, can be heard and/or downloaded at the Confessing Our Hope web site.