Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Rising Cosmic Battle for 'One-ism'

Dr. Peter Jones
The culture of the Western world has moved beyond post-Christian, post-modern, and post-secular and is now permeated with neo-paganism spirituality. So said Dr. Peter Jones in a recent special lecture entitled "The Great Opponent of Contemporary Christianity," delivered at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Dr. Jones is executive director of an apologetics ministry known as "truthXchange."

The new worldview is fueled by a philosophy which Dr. Jones called "One-ism," a cosmology which sees no distinction between the Creator and creation and finds god in everything — essentially pantheism, a revival of pagan spirituality and eastern mysticism. Pantheism is the belief that the universe (or nature as the totality of everything) is identical with divinity, or that everything composes an all-encompassing, immanent god.

One-ism, Dr. Jones argued, is a virulent rejection of biblical Christianity's "Two-ism," a "binary" system which understands the clear distinction between God the Creator and His creation, the latter owing worship to the former. The binary cosmology laced throughout God's revelation is "ground zero" for Christian belief and witness, he said.

In One-ism, everything is of one substance, nature is ultimate and is worshiped in a thousand ways, he said.

"We are in a deep conflict of these two worldviews," said Dr. Jones. He said the church has never faced a challenge as pervasive as the current drive toward universal paganism and the gross sexuality that is one of its new benchmarks. It is an attack on the fundamentals of Western Civilization with the goal of replacing it a completely different system, he said.

One-ists think they are progressive, but their philosophy has ancient roots, including in Buddhism and Hinduism, he said, adding that the movement began rising again to prominence in the 1950's and 1960's with the New Age Movement and the Sexual Revolution.

Currently, militant homosexuality is in the vanguard of the drive to eliminate binary thinking, which understands there are sexual distinctions within humanity, namely, men and women. Militant homosexuality is disguising itself in terms of civil rights, but it is really a deep-seated manifestation of One-ist philosophy that seeks to destroy all notions of distinctions in creation.

Dr. Jones said the denial of the binary is also being manifested in theology, ethics and morality. In theology, the distinction between God and creature is being denied and buried. In ethics, the distinction between right and wrong is being eliminated in favor of inner experience. In One-ist sexuality, there are no opposites, and androgyny is increasingly being seen as the ideal. Androgyny is the ultimate attack on biblical, natural sexuality — it sees no sexuality, no sexual identity, he said.

He cited Romans 1 as one of scripture's best descriptions of the sinful world's descent from what it instinctively knows about God but suppresses, to pagan spirituality, and eventually to sexual perversion. He noted that biblical sexuality is grounded in creation structure, which included the creation of creatures after their own kind and the separation of land from sea and darkness from light, for example — all of creation being reflective of the very diversity in unity found in the Trinity.

In evangelism and apologetics, biblical Christians, who have been concentrating to a large degree on increasingly discredited atheism, must begin to address pantheism, which he called the middle point between theism and atheism. "Pantheism is spiritualized atheism," he said

Dr. Jones said that in witnessing to homosexuals, Christians must take great care because we are typically dealing with damaged, abused people. Christians must avoid a "moralistic" and sentimental "love everyone" approach, as well as making simple appeals to tradition and even biblical proof texts. We must get to the heart of this cosmology and see homosexuality as the embodiment of One-ist philosophy, he said.

While One-ists often speak of "wholeness," Christian Two-ism grows out of God's "holiness," Dr. Jones said. Holiness should not be seen primarily in moralistic terms, but according to its root meaning of sacredness — being set apart for a dedicated purpose.

"We must exalt the Creator in the beauty of holiness," he said. The holiness of God describes His relationship with His creation, not so much His moral character. "He is different from us," set apart from His creatures. This distinction between God and creation and the unified diversity within the Trinity itself are the foundational expressions of Two-ism, he said.

The biblical view of marriage similarly expresses binary truth, whereas same-sex marriage expresses the opposite. The Bible begins with the marriage of a man and a woman and ends with the wedding feast of the Lamb and His bride, he said.

The conflict between the binary view and its opposite is also central to our understanding of origins, Dr. Jones said, adding that there are only two possible options: either the world was created by a Rational Agent that is apart from and above what was made, or the natural world made itself. If humans are seen as part of the natural order that made itself, mankind is free to do anything it desires, thus establishing the primacy of the human will and making himself his own god. In that case, all of which he is a natural part is to be worshiped, he said.

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