Tuesday, November 10, 2015

New Babies, New Furnishings: GPTS Nursery Gets Upgrade

Student Michael Grasso and his wife Erika recently
presented their infant Eva Mei for baptism at
Fellowship Presbyterian Church in Greer, S.C. Big brother
Luke was looking on.
Greenville Seminary has been blessed with a growing number of students with small children, and several new babies have been born in recent months.

The seminary maintains a small nursery next to the Student Commons so kids have a place to play during various social events, dinners and receptions held in the Commons.

Thanks to some caring donors, the nursery has just acquired some new furnishings and toys. The photos below show these new additions.

Since the fall semester began, additions have been made to the Michael Grasso, Michael Spangler, and James Clark families.

A new changing table and rocking chair purchased with funds from an anonymous donor.

A new chest donated by Professor and Mrs. 
Michael Morales