Tuesday, November 10, 2015

An Encounter with God, an Encounter with GPTS

Larry & Katie Rockwell

A Prospective Student Profile

Larry Rockwell is a singer-songwriter whose sometimes troubled life journey led him first to the Gospel, then to the Reformed Faith, and now to a perceived call to preach that Gospel in word and song.

That journey has led him to Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and fervent prayers that God would help him order his busy life so that he could begin theological studies at GPTS in the near future.

Larry, 44, a resident of downtown Greenville, S.C., discovered GPTS while driving down Main Street in suburban Taylors on his way to a coffee shop in the old textile mill near the seminary. The discovery coincided with burgeoning perception of his calling to the ministry, and he immediately researched GPTS, concluding it would be the ideal institution to deepen his understanding of Reformed theology. He immediately became a financial supporter and was given an appreciative gift, Dr. Joseph Pipa's commentary on Galatians. Reading in that book and studying Dr. Pipa's Westminster Confession of Faith Study Guide cemented his perception of his calling.

"It was during a quiet reading time last year of Galatians that I believe the Holy Spirit called me to an in-depth study of theology," he said. "I am still trying to sort out where God is leading me, but I believe Greenville Seminary is most definitely in my future. I am not sure when or even how I will be able to accomplish this financially and budget my time for work and family, but I fully trust the providence and the will of God the Father to fulfill the calling He has made. Patience, prayer, and faith are my guide."

Larry visited the GPTS campus and chapel service in early November and was warmly welcomed by students and staff, prompting another response from him.

"I wanted to reach out and tell you how much I appreciated our time together yesterday, and how much I enjoyed visiting Greenville Seminary! It is such an invigorating honor to stand amongst men with such a passion for God's holy and inerrant word! I was beyond impressed and inspired to do all that it takes to become a student there in the future! I would also like to extend my gratitude toward the wonderful students who made a point to speak to me and encourage me not only in my decision to attend but also in my faith! Also, thank you for a wonderful lunch and your kind and considerate conversation! The entire time was truly a pleasure and an honor!"

Larry asks for prayers that he would be able to fit a seminary education into a life that already includes family and three jobs. He works at a friend's shop mornings, teaches guitar in the afternoon and he and his wife Katie perform musically at various Greenville and Upstate venues in the evenings. He said he has loved the guitar since his childhood and hopes to incorporate his musical talents, now increasingly focusing on serious Christian themes, into his future ministry.

On the singing duo's joint Facebook page, they tell how they met.

“We met in September of 2010. We were both in pretty low places, getting past hurt relationships, and playing music in the same area. When we met we were insta-friends. Ya know, those friends that could lean on each other, understand what the other was going through, writing music together... it wasn't but a few months. and we were a musical duo,” they say.

On Valentine’s Day 2013, they released a CD called “You Are Not Alone” a few months after they had been married. 

"These were songs we'd written together over coffee and wine. It was a compilation of all our emotions and experiences leading up to our marriage. The title and the album photo was purposeful…two people hand in hand walking towards a scary forest... "No matter what happens from here on out... no matter how scary... You're Not Alone...I got you." We have been working on new music ever since.”

Pray that God would provide all that is necessary for Larry to answer His call to Gospel ministry by seeking a biblical education as its foundation.