Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Volunteers Needed!

Student wife Lisa Dendekker from Canada staffs the
reception desk. Not seen on the floor next to her, Martin
and Lisa's newborn baby.
GPTS is appealing to friends in our local area to consider volunteering at our reception desk.

In order to keep staffing costs down, the seminary has relied for many years on volunteers who spend a few hours on campus providing simple services. We are grateful for those from the community who have faithfully offered themselves in these capacities, along with students and spouses who are part of our work-study tuition waiver program.

We are now again in need of volunteer staffing at the Reception Desk, answering phone calls and directing campus visitors as needed. The task is very simple. The phone system is easy to operate — no complicated switchboard and not highly computerized. The phones are typically not very busy: you can read a book, do a crossword puzzle or some knitting, or browse your smartphone or tablet — even tend an infant! (see photo).

You may volunteer for an hour or two or four. You may choose to come as often as you wish weekly or at certain times of the year. Friendly staff and students make it a pleasant place to do volunteer work, and you will be furthering the mission of this important institution. Volunteers are invited to certain special social events as well, where they are recognized and presented with a token of appreciation.

If interested, contact Administrative Assistance Sue Holmes, e-mail: sholmes@gpts.edu or phone (864) 322-2717, ext. 307. Or fill out the form on this page on our web site.