Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Confessing Our Hope Podcast

New programs are now available at Confessing Our Hope, the web broadcast of Greenville Seminary, hosted by William Hill.

Latest broadcast topics include:

"Biblical Theology" — Our guest was Dr. L. Michael Morales, professor of biblical studies at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Our topic was Biblical Theology — what is it and why is it important in the study of the Scriptures and preaching.

"Faith and Practice #15" — GPTS President Dr. Joseph Pipa Jr. answers listeners' questions on evening worship services, Sabbath, eschatology and more.

"Preaching and Corporate Prayer" — Interview with Dr. Ryan McGraw about his new booklet about the connection between preaching and congregational prayer.

"Faith and Practice #14" — President Pipa answers listeners' questions divine impassibility, marriage and divorce, the church and culture, the marrow of modern divinity, excommunication, and the doctrine of Scripture.

"The Confessional Presbyterian" — Dr. Nick Willborn, an adjunct professor at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, talks about The Confessional Presbyterian journal. In addition to important and interesting historical work, the journal has published important articles critical of recent movements such as the Federal Vision and New Perspectives on Paul, ground breaking work on the manuscripts and documents of the Westminster Assembly, as well as substantial and illuminating material on Presbyterian polity and worship.

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Host Bill Hill