Monday, September 7, 2015

Special Recruitment Issue

Greenville Seminary is blessed with a large crop of entering students for the new 2015-16 academic year. But we are already looking ahead to the next year when it is our prayer to move closer to the long-standing goal of 100 students on campus for our 30th anniversary year.

The first two articles in this issue of GPTS Online focus on the great call of God to men to labor in His vineyards and fields. The first explores the nature of that call. The second seeks to enlist you in our efforts to raise up more laborers in harvest fields of the Kingdom.

A third "big picture" article, "Is the World Getting Better?", shows how the growth of Christianity is positively impacting the harvest field in a troubled world. A fourth article chronicles how the church in one country has failed in its challenge to confront one particular evil in the world and stands as a warning to churches elsewhere.

The remaining articles in this month's e-newsletter report on various aspects of our activities as an institution and share stories of interest concerning the seminary community.