Monday, September 7, 2015

Fall Semester Launches with Two Special Lectures

Dr. Ryan McGraw
The 29th Convocation Service of Greenville Seminary took place on August 21, with Dr. Ryan McGraw, GPTS's newest faculty member, delivering the keynote address. Dr. McGraw addressed the student body in particular with his message entitled "How to Survive in the Ministry Today." In light of increased pressures on Christians and Christian ministries from a hostile culture, Dr. McGraw urged these future ministers to heed Christ's call: "If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me."

You may listen to this timely address here.

The faculty again took vows of subscription to the Westminster Standards, and students orally expressed their affirmation of a "Covenant" adapted from one contained in the original plan of the Presbyterian Church's first theological seminary established at Princeton, N.J. in 1812:
"Deeply impressed with a sense of the importance of improving in knowledge, prudence, and piety, as I embark upon my course of study, I solemnly promise, in reliance on divine grace, that I will faithfully and diligently attend on all instructions of this Seminary, and that I will conscientiously and vigilantly observe all the rules and regulations specified in the plan for its instruction and government, so far as the same relate to the students; and that I will obey all the lawful requisitions, and readily yield to all the wholesome admonitions of the professors and trustees of the Seminary, while I shall continue a member of it."
Nearly 50 students were present for the Convocation. Almost 30 more in the seminary's distance program and affiliated international extensions could not attend.

Morales Inaugural Lecture

Dr. Michael Morales
On August 27th, Dr. Michael Morales delivered his inaugural address as the seminary's new Professor of Biblical Studies. His lecture was entitled "The Burnt Offering and Christ's Fulfillment." Dr. Morales showed how the Old Testament burnt offering was the centerpiece of worship and far more than a mere propitiation for sin, but rather an act of consecration of the whole of life of the worshipper as a living sacrifice, fitting him for fellowship with God. He showed how Christ's life, death, resurrection and ascension perfectly fulfilled these same purposes once and for all.

An inaugural lecture is given on the occasion of the installation or formal presentation of a faculty member who obtains the academic rank of "full professor," the highest regular rank (other than that of a special distinguished or endowed scholar).

You may listen to this highly insightful lecture here.

Classes began on Aug. 24 for the seminary's 29th year of theological education. The Fall Semester continues through Dec. 18th.

GPTS Resident Faculty Fall Semester 2015. from left: Dr. Ryan McGraw, Dr. Benjamin Shaw, Dr. Tony Curto, Dr. James McGoldrick, Dr. Michael Morales, Dr. Joseph Pipa Jr., Dr. Sidney Dyer