Monday, September 7, 2015

A Few Good Men

Photo: Tom Cruise and his legal team in "A Few Good Men"

Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary is looking for a "few good men" who can "handle the truth." You can help us find them.

No, we're not referring to that famous 1992 military trial movie, although we are well equipped to train men for military chaplaincies, and have done so numerous times. We're talking about identifying a special kind of kingdom warriors — men called by God to stand against the spirit of the age, put on the Whole Armor of God, and boldly proclaim the Truth of God's Word. We talking about men who want to dig deep, learn how to unpack the mysteries of divine revelation, and proclaim them without compromise.

We don't have recruiting stations around the world, but we do have many churches that share our vision and our theological perspectives. We want to identify churches that would be willing to help us tell our story, find those few good men, and send them to us.

Here's our simple request: ask your church leaders whether they would allow us to place 1) a few general brochures and 2) student recruiting material on the free literature table or rack at your church (see photo below). If you would be willing to do this, please go here to fill out a simple form indicating you're willingness to serve as our ambassador for support and recruitment.

Our student body worldwide now stands at nearly 80, including distance-learning and extension-program students. Our goal is to bring our on-campus enrollment, now at about 40, to 100 in the next few years. We need your help!

Thanks. We appreciate you!