Monday, August 10, 2015

James the Tekton

Student James Clark
It is widely supposed, on the basis of Biblical passages such as Mark 6:3 and Matthew 13:55 and ancient tradition, that Jesus was a carpenter, following the trade of His earthly father Joseph before He began His adult ministry. To be precise, Jesus and Joseph are each described in the original language as a "tekton," which may be translated "handyman" or simply "one who works with his hands."

Greenville Seminary Student James Clark is following in the footsteps of his Master in more ways than one. While studying for his master of divinity degree, Mr. Clark earns some educational support with his carpentry and handyman skills, and recently provided GPTS with some new chapel and classroom furnishings.

Mr. Clark attends GPTS as a tuition-waiver student on the basis of support provided by his sending church. Students benefiting from the tuition-waiver program are asked to supplement the cost of their education by providing the seminary with some work-study hours of staffing labor. Mr. Clark contributed his skills and time in constructing a custom pulpit for the Chapel and a lectern for one of the seminary classrooms. The latter item includes a podium and an extension on which professors may place a laptop computer for projection of lesson materials on classroom screens.

Thanks, James, for blessing your seminary through your talents and efforts, working with both hand and mind!

New Chapel Pulpit

Dr. Sid Dyer initiates new lectern for summer course on the Septuagint

SPECIAL GIVING IDEA: The seminary owns a limited number of chairs which often must be transported back and forth between our Chapel area on the second floor of the seminary building and the Student Commons on the first floor when special events are held in the Commons. Would you consider making a special donation to the seminary to furnish the Chapel with up to 50 chairs? Chapels are held Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays each week during the school year. That leaves little additional seating available for use in the Commons for daily student lunches, discussion get-togethers, socializing, and other typical Commons activities that enhance student life and fellowship on campus.

When this happens in the Studentt Commons....

...this happens in Chapel. Can you help furnish this room?

Banquet in the Commons
Student Life in the Student Commons