Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Book Notes: New McGraw Booklet Released

Reformation Heritage Books has just released a new booklet in its Cultivating Biblical Godliness series, this one being Why Should You Deny Yourself, by newly arrived GPTS Professor Dr. Ryan McGraw.

“Self-denial is one of the fundamental principles of the Christian life. It is Christianity 101,” writes the author. Christians, regardless of personal cost, must believe and do whatever Christ teaches them and reject and flee from whatever He forbids them, he adds.

Dr. McGraw helps readers develop an understanding of this essential principle of Christian living by providing an in-depth explanation of what self-denial is and why it is important, and then giving examples of what it looks like in practice.

In an endorsement of the booklet, Daniel R. Hyde, pastor of Oceanside United Reformed Church, Carlsbad, California, says, "‘Deny yourself.’ This is one of the hardest biblical commands for Christians to implement practically. Our selfish sinful nature wants and wants even more. Ryan McGraw’s pamphlet is a powerful call to the twenty-first-century church to be more like Jesus and less like the world; to be transformed by the Spirit rather than conformed to the world. We need this exhortation today, and I’m glad to commend this pamphlet for issuing that call.”

Go here to order the booklet.