Monday, June 8, 2015

Standing in the Gap

A Mid-year Report from the President

Greenville Seminary has just completed her 28th academic year, and we are very excited about the things God has done for us, as well as what lies ahead. We have enjoyed a good year. We are pleased with the spiritual maturity manifested in our students; we have enjoyed a harmony in our community; and we have just graduated ten men.

Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, along with a few other like-minded faithful schools, is filling a unique niche in theological education and the defense of historic faith in the authoritative scriptures and time-honored confessions that so clearly systematize the inspired Truth of the Bible.  The coming academic year is brimming with potential. We already have accepted 10 new students and have several more in process. As announced last year, we are preparing to welcome one of our alumni, Dr. Ryan McGraw, to the full-time faculty this fall.

As you know, we deliberately keep our tuition and fees as low as feasible; yet training one man for ministry requires donor investment of approximately $10,000 a year per student. Thank you for your support; your partnership with us enables us to pursue our mission. I am reporting to you at this time with two important goals. First, as you may know, our new fiscal year begins on July 1. Your June donation helps us greatly during the normally meager summer months. And second, our budgeted benevolence income for the next fiscal year is based on what we have received the previous fiscal year. 

With these two goals in mind, we are seeking $71,000  by the end of June ($17,000 from churches and $54,000 from individuals). We appreciate what many have already done in partnering with us financially and in prayer.  

Whether or not you are able to send a gift at this time, please pray that the Lord will provide for all essentials. Please also pray for our students and alumni, including the ten new graduates. Please pray that they will continue to grow in faithfulness to the Word of God.  God uses the prayers and gifts of His people to sustain this work. We hope that you will continue to participate with us and to rejoice in that work, for which we desire to give Him all glory and honor. With warm regards, I am... 

Yours in Christ,

Dr. Joseph A. Pipa, Jr.