Monday, June 8, 2015

Confessing Our Hope Podcast

New programs are now available at Confessing Our Hope, the web broadcast of Greenville Seminary, hosted by William Hill.

New editions include:

The Foundation of Communion with God” introduces readers to the Trinitarian piety of John Owen (1616–1683). This broadcast features an interview with editor Ryan McGraw, whose introduction sketches the major events of this important theologian’s life and shows how his circumstances shaped his thought on the themes of the Trinity and public worship. Dr. McGraw is a new member of the faculty at GPTS.

"Faith and Practice #13" — GPTS President Dr. Joseph Pipa Jr. answers listeners' questions on the law of God, children and birth control, The Westminster Standards and Three Forms of Unity, head coverings, spousal abuse and more.

"The New Testament Use of the Old Testament" was the topic in this interview with Dr. Benjamin Shaw, professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at GPTS.

"An Evening of Confessional Prayer and Concern" — Pastor Geoff Gleason (Cliffwood Presbyterian Church, Augusta, Ga.) and Pastor Ken Pierce (Trinity Presbyterian Church, Jackson, Miss.) joined us for a candid discussion about an event that is scheduled to be held prior to this year’s 43rd General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America.

Host Bill Hill