Monday, February 9, 2015

Student Life at GPTS

Many students are interested not just in the academics of seminary life, but would also like to know about the extra-curricular activities available for the student and his family. The seminary offers a number of opportunities for student growth, entertainment and fellowship.

Prayer Groups

The students meet in groups once a week for a time of prayer with their student advisors. Our desire is to minister to one another and to encourage students and graduates to be men of prayer.

Student Body Association

As a member of the student body, you automatically become a member of the Student Body Association. The Association gives you the opportunity to serve the seminary and your fellow students. If you are elected to an office, you will also have the opportunity to exercise and develop leadership skills.

Seminary Ladies Fellowship

This group for GPTS women fills the need for a prospective pastor's wife to be prepared for life after her husband's graduation. The seminary wives have created a four-year curriculum that is presented by those who share their experience, insights, and biblical perspective for equipping our seminary wives for their future roles. If you are married, your wife will be thrilled with this group. The Ladies Fellowship is also open to female students, staffers and other women associated with the seminary.

Chapel Services

Services are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The services are designed to assist students, faculty, and staff in their spiritual growth, but also to expose students to various types of preachers and preaching. We invite local Reformed pastors to proclaim God's Word to us at each Tuesday chapel service, and the Greenville metropolitan community is blessed with many excellent Reformed preachers. Visitors to the Greenville area and local residents are welcome to join us at any time.

Spring Conference

The seminary's annual Spring Theology Conference is a service to Christ's broader church drawing attendees from many parts of the North America and even overseas. We seek to deal with current issues affecting the Church. You will find the conferences to be a time of personal reflection and spiritual growth.


Students and their families also have opportunity to relax, improve their social skills, and enjoy Christian fellowship during occasional picnics, softball games, social gatherings, and formal dinners.


The seminary promotes the cause of missions in various ways, all designed to encourage seminarians to consider foreign missions as their future ministry or to educate future domestic pastors to discern mission matters worthy of their churches' support. Students frequently hear missionary presentations in chapel or after-chapel luncheons. Opportunities arise for students to take overseas field education and mission field internships.

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