Monday, February 9, 2015

GPTS Faculty Development: Imparting 'the Splendors of Christ'

2014 Commencement

Excellent teachers in an institution of Christian higher education model lifelong learning by maintaining active scholarly interests and pursuing creative work under the power of the Word of God. As professors teach and publish their work, they add to the body of Christian knowledge and model pastoral experience for their students, while elevating the prestige and standing of their institution.

As previously reported in this newsletter, the seminary is blessed with the addition of two new full-time faculty in 2015. Dr. Michael Morales began on-campus teaching this month with the beginning of the spring semester. He is teaching Old Testament Biblical Theology and will assume other courses in the future. Dr. Ryan McGraw will join the full-time resident faculty later this summer, teaching Systematic Theology. Both have served as adjunct faculty in recent years.

Dr. Morales
“The strong focus on pastoral ministry, personal piety, and on preaching the splendors of Christ Jesus drew me to Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary," Dr. Morales said, explaining his decision to join the GPTS faculty. "I have the joy and satisfaction of knowing that my labors in biblical studies among our students will go on to be poured out primarily through the chief means of grace, within the context of Lord’s Day worship. Because God has promised to bless what he himself has ordained, I am encouraged to think that in these urgent times the particular emphases of GPTS will prove a blessing to Christ’s church.”

Alumni Board Member Daniel Jarstfer points out, "One of the most important areas to maintain a 'no compromise' position is in the matter of faculty. One of the things that I most often speak about to others when speaking about GPTS is the quality of the men who taught me. As the alumni-elected board member, I have been a part of pursuing and approving additions to the faculty. The Board is looking to the future and placing godly, highly competent men in key faculty positions. The two recent appointments are a good example of what I speak. Dr. Morales and Dr. McGraw are both men of God who exhibit the character that we want modeled before the students. These men need to be cared for just as each of us expect to be cared for in our vocations."

Dr. McGraw
These vibrant young scholars will be lending additional stature to the quality of the theological education at Greenville Seminary already exemplified by our veteran faculty, bringing glory to God and Christ's church.

Greenville Seminary's Faculty Support and Development Program is designed to provide a sure foundation for our present and future faculty needs. The addition of budgeted faculty and the death of some key supporters necessitate building up reserves and the addition of new donors. We are turning to those who, like us, desire to see the best for the future of the Kingdom. If you have a particular affinity toward one of these new faculty, we especially encourage you to care for them through your missions giving.

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