Monday, December 8, 2014

Little Things, Big Help

Many online enterprises have begun offering ways for supporters of non-profit organizations to raise funds easily for their favorite charities. We've introduced you to some of these over the past few years, such as Amazon Smile and GoodSearch/GoodShop (see the bottom of this page).

One long-time supporter of the seminary, Sylvia Fincham, has taken these opportunities a step further by encouraging her friends to join her in using these opportunities. Recently, she sent an e-mail message to her friends which said:
Dear Friends:
 I wanted to let you know about a program Amazon has introduced, if you are not already using it.
 This is the season when a lot more purchases are made online at Amazon. I am asking, if you would consider signing up for “AMAZON SMILE,” a program that allows you to chose a donation site to support.

Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, in Greenville S.C is one of the organizations that could use our support. It costs you nothing. 
Amazon Smile has agreed to send a percentage of your order to the charity of your choice because you are using their link.
 It only takes a second, before you place your “already-planned-on-making-purchase”.

Please consider making this an organization to support. 
In doing so, you will be helping a great seminary build and train men for the ministry of Jesus Christ.
 Fondly in Christ,
Sylvia A.Fincham
Pastor Dan and Sylvia Fincham
In a message to us as we continue to promote these opportunities, Mrs. Fincham, wife of OPC Pastor Daniel Fincham in New Bern, N.C., added: "So many people may not even be aware of this program, or about the “Good Search” engine. I don’t make any search on the web without it. One penny is 1 more penny….times thousands of searches."
Laboring along side of you,
Sylvia Fincham 
* * * * *

AmazonSmile is easy to use. Instead of shopping at the regular Amazon web site, go to instead, Everything's the same, except, after you pick Greenville Presbyterian Seminary as your favorite charity, Amazon sends a portion of your purchase price as a gift to GPTS.

GoodShop also sends support to GPTS when customers chose us as their charity and shop at hundreds of affiliated online sites. So far $475 has been raised for GPTS by users of GoodShop and GoodSearch. Make GoodSearch your web search engine, and every search will result in a contribution to GPTS.

You can also double your experience by getting promo codes and coupons at GoodShop and using them at Amazon. Go here to make your really big deals!

Join the fun and ask your friends to help also, as Mrs. Fincham has done. Thanks, Sylvia, for "laboring alongside" us. (That's a precious phrase!) Little things like this, when multiplied, are a big help!