Monday, December 8, 2014

Book Notes

How Do Preaching and Corporate Prayer Work Together? - Dr. Ryan McGraw, adjunct professor of systematic theology at Greenville Seminary

This 32-page booklet is part of Reformation Heritage Books' Cultivating Biblical Godliness Series. It is available in paperback, 10-pack, and e-book versions. For other booklets in this series, go here.

“Can there be any more profound expression of unbelief than prayerlessness in our churches? This booklet by Dr. McGraw, How Do Preaching and Corporate Prayer Work Together?, is a biblically grounded exhortation on the need for corporate prayer meetings in the church and why you should be involved if your church has one. It is my prayer that God will use this booklet to call many churches back to the practice of the corporate prayer meeting. If you share this desire, read this booklet and distribute it widely in your congregation.” 
— Joseph A. Pipa Jr., president, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary