Tuesday, September 9, 2014

GPTS Launches Streamlined New Web Site

Greenville Seminary is pleased to announce the launch of a completely redesigned web site after many months of design, review, and technical implementation by our talented web team.

The new web site maintains our long-standing web address at gpts.edu, but sports a fresh, clean look reflecting both our institution's "old school" philosophy and our vision for the future. The site has been streamlined and simplified, making navigation more intuitive and user-friendly.

The seminary owes a deep debt of gratitude to our web technician Christopher Campbell, a distance-learning student in Platte City, Missouri, who works professionally in this field. Mr. Campbell skillfully activated static designs created by our innovative graphic artist Rob Dykes, a graduate of GPTS now ministering in Wales. The project was supervised by Development Director Garry Moes, and reviewed by other staff and faculty members.

"I am excited ... and I hope people enjoy it," said Mr. Campbell on the eve of the launch. "This is by far the largest web design project I have ever done. It was both challenging and rewarding, especially rewarding knowing that it is for the building up of God's Kingdom through a seminary I have come to love."

The site is designed to meet the needs of students, prospective students, faculty, supporters, churches and members of the public wishing to take advantage of a wide variety of on-site and off-site resources, such as our unique Church Directory for Travelers, a guide to like-minded churches in North America and globally. Also available are such special resources as President Joseph A. Pipa, Jr.'s Westminster Standards Reading Calendar and the Faculty Statement on Creation. In addition, the site maintains opportunities for online admission applications; online donations; viewing/downloading our Academic Catalog; accessing audio/video resources; registering for classes, conferences and special events; viewing faculty biographies and course descriptions; reading the Reformed Confessions; even shopping in ways that support the seminary financially, and much more.

The Home Page is cleverly rendered in two parts: the top half featuring a menu bar and rotating banner where special events will be advertised; the bottom About section introducing the seminary, providing Quick Links to key pages on the site, and including a video describing the seminary and its mission. A "site map" is included to serve as an overall table of contents. The site also includes a secure, password-protected special area for enrolled students to access course materials, class lecture recordings, library resources, and other student-only content.

We invite you to explore the new web site thoroughly and let us know what you think. One of our beloved supporters in Sweden, Joanne Holm, has done so, and tells us she likes what she sees: "Your new website, I've spent some time going through the pages. It's fresh and clean-looking, easy to navigate. I like the open spaces — no cramming. About websites these days, the fad of using light grey text is, for me, irritating. It's difficult reading for old eyes. But happily, you've retained a black text — so nice on a light green background too. And cleverly, the headings, though light-coloured, are in extra large text. It's an attractive site, comfortable reading. Also, so glad you keep both the Conferences and Audio Sermons — golden nuggets of learning — and of course, the Podcasts. Kudos to Greenville Seminary!"

Here is a sampling of pages: