Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dr. Pipa to Headline Youth Worldview Conference

Greenville Seminary President Dr. Joseph A. Pipa, Jr. will address several sessions of the annual Biblical Worldview Student Conference sponsored by Westminster Presbyterian Church at Milligan College near Johnson City, Tenn.

This year's conference will be held June 2-7. The conference is designed to train young men and women for leadership roles in society and the church. The conference includes five days of intensive instruction in diverse areas of the Christian life. Approximately 30 hours of lecture is provided by a world-class group of instructors who will challenge and broaden our students. Biblical teaching, along with fellowship of like minded young people, offers a unique opportunity for life changing learning as well as companionship and enjoyable activities during spare time. Sporting activities (volleyball, basketball, ultimate Frisbee, soccer etc), English Country dancing, and the conference ending talent show keep the conference from being all work.

“Christian students know life is more than fun and games,” say conference organizers. “They need and welcome access to answers to life’s issues through God’s wisdom. Increasingly the favorite sport of many college professors and those speaking loudest in society is to ridicule the Christian faith and its application to all of life. Through the BWSC, Christian young people will be better trained to be discerning, thoughtful, ready and able to handle the intellectual warfare of a culture increasingly hostile to Christianity. God’s Spirit is working to prepare the next generation to use God’s Word toward building God-honoring change in the world.”

“Students profit through personal interaction with instructors and fellowship with those their own age from across North America,” says Debby Bailey, assistant to the conference director. “Quality friendships are formed that will last a lifetime.”

Get more information about BWSC at www.westminsterkpt.org/bwsc or phone 423-247-7341. E-mail: bwsctn@gmail.com