Thursday, March 6, 2014

Library Adds Five New Special Collections

By Andy Wortman
GPTS Librarian

In an effort to provide better support for our seminary’s Ladies Fellowship and some of our distinctive classes, the GPTS Smith-Singer Library has created some special collections (including books, as well as audio/visual materials) for the following:

Ladies Fellowship: Items on female piety, the calling of a godly wife and mother, hospitality, the challenges of being a pastor’s wife, issues that often arise in counseling, etc.

Christian Education: Items for use in family worship, Sunday School, catechesis, and family reading (e.g., curriculum material, studies of the Westminster Shorter Catechism or Heidelberg Catechism, Bible story books, works on church history, etc.). These are mainly for review so that our students can see what materials are available and evaluate them for future use in their own homes or in the church.

Creation: Items critiquing evolution, theistic evolution, and progressive creationism; works on the history of the interaction between Christianity and science; and the most representative materials that advocate various non-literal views of creation. 

Islam: Items discussing outreach to Muslims as well as items from an Islamic perspective or critical of Islam. Items tracing the history of the interaction between Islam and Christianity will also be considered (e.g., materials about the “Insider Movement”).

New Special Collections Section
Cults: Primary works advocating various cultic doctrines (Mormonism, etc.) and works critiquing them. This collection was started by a generous donation of Mormon primary source material from one of our donors. It primarily supports the course that we offer on the Cults (or “Christianity and Its Competitors”), taught by Dr. McGoldrick.

The items in these collections are not ones that we would normally purchase using the library’s general book fund. They do, however, provide support for our curriculum and overall mission in important ways. If you would like to contribute financially toward the purchase of books for one of these collections, please note which collection you would like to support and send your donation to the attention of the Development Office. If you have specific questions about the collections or would like to donate materials that can potentially be used in one of these collections, please contact the Librarian (Andy Wortman).