Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pray with Us

"The power of prayer is not resident in the prayer itself or in those praying, but in the eternal purpose of God that incorporates our prayer for His ends. Prayer does work, not as an outside influence but in purposed congruence in God's eternal plan." — Stanley D. Gale, in byFaith.

  • Pray that God will abundantly bless our year-end financial outreach and to bless and prosper all those who may be led to give in support of this work in God's Kingdom.
  • Pray for our students and faculty as they face the heavy workload at the end of the current semester.
  • Praise God and thank Him for answering many prayers on behalf of the wife and children of one of our foreign students who have managed to make their way out of danger in their native land, travel through three neighboring counties and are soon to embark on their journey to the United States. 
  • Pray that God would guide us as plans get underway for our 2014 Spring Theology Conference.
  • Health concerns: Ask God to be an ever present aid and comfort to longtime missionary and GPTS supporter Jean Coleman, who has entered hospice care with a brutal form of oral cancer. Remember GPTS custodian John Jolly in prayer as he continues to struggle with knew pain. Please continue in prayer for Betty McGoldrick, wife of Professor James McGoldrick, as she continues to deal with her pain and disabilities. Pray also for Dr. Doug Anderson, husband of Administrative Assistant Gail Anderson, as he continues to deal with multiple sclerosis.