Friday, August 9, 2013

Convocation 2013 Kicks off New Academic Year with Enrollment Increase

Dr. Joseph Pipa Jr.
The seminary's 27th Convocation will be held on August 27 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium of the Academy of Arts adjacent to the seminary building. This year's convocation address will be delivered by Rev. Peter Van Doodewaard, an alumnus of GPTS and pastor of nearby Covenant Community Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Taylors, S.C.
Peter Van Doodewaard

Eight students were graduated last spring. For the Fall semester, GPTS welcomes 16 new students plus three students who formerly studied through our distance program but are now attending classes on campus. At this writing, four other applications were still being processed and five applicants have been accepted but have deferred start of classes until a later date. Of the 16 new students, 10 will be studying on campus, five are included in our distance/mentor program and one student will use both methods. One former student is also returning to his studies.

New students for the Fall Semester are Michael Spangler (M.Div.), Steven Cliff (B.D.), Danny McDaniel (MMRE), Thomas Booher (M.Div.), Caleb Bouma (M.Div.), J.R. McCravy (M.Div.), Trevor Setzer (M.Div.), Steve McCullough (M.Div.), Benjamin Wintrop (M.Div.), Nathan Hilton (M.Div.), Stephen Bryant (MMRE), Duncan Hoopes (M.Div.), Christopher Colby (M.Div.), Douglas Helton (M.Div.), Don Welker (M.Div.) and recent M.A. graduate Caleb Nelson, now enrolled in the M.Div. program. Former distance students studying in residence this Fall are Sam Ketcham, Vern Shoaf and Brewer Ames. Returning to his studies after a recent hiatus is Jason Short.