Thursday, April 4, 2013

Building on an Old Foundation ... Looking to a New Foundation.

Capital Campaign: A Decade of Progress

Since 2008, the Greenville Seminary community of scholars has enjoyed the blessing of a beautiful learning center on Main Street in Taylors, S.C. Our campus home has provided a setting highly conducive to our seminarians' studies, faculty's instruction, staff operations, chapel and social gatherings.

This facility came about as a result of a Capital Funds Campaign which was launched 10 years ago with an initial goal of $3 million. As the capital project advanced, the funding goal was raised to $3.5 million. In this 10th year of the campaign, that goal has been exceeded, although financing and other expenses have required additional funds beyond what has already been received or pledged. Our remaining mortgage now stands at under $692,000, and we are eager to see that balance completely amortized. 

Income channeled into capital debt, of course, leaves less for our primary educational mission of training future generations of preachers to exalt the Word of God, serve Christ and serve His church. That is our prime motive for desiring to erase our building debt as soon as possible.

Our original capital campaign motto was "Building on an Old Foundation." This motto alludes to two facets of our campus life: 1) Our educational mission is rooted in eternal, ancient and historic truth, the foundation of Scripture and the framework of the Reformed confessions and creeds. 2) Our building was wonderfully renovated from the shell of a sound, old school structure in an historic Upstate South Carolina mill town now finding new life.

One of our key development objectives in 2013 is to revitalize our Capital Funds Campaign to hasten it to its conclusion, clearing the way for "Building on a New Foundation" — laying the groundwork for new initiatives to stabilize other funding programs. We recognize that requests for capital fund contributions may often off-set operational fund contributions, and that reserve accounts based on donations are subject to fluctuations. God's people have been very faithful in supporting our operational needs during the 26 years of our existence, and, despite periodic cash-flow difficulties, we have even been able during recent times to establish short-term reserves. Yet to stabilize our long-term financial footings, we need to build up operational reserves to keep us viable for as long as God allows us to minister in His name. Furthermore, we hope to encourage contributions to two existing, but underfunded academic chair endowments: The Smith Systematics Chair and the Singer Church History Chair. By funding these endowments, pressure would be lessened on operational funds now used for instruction in these areas. We also are making new efforts to encourage planned giving opportunities which benefit both the seminary and the heirs of donors long-term.

First, however, we must pay off our remaining building debt. There are a number of ways you can give if you desire to participate in our efforts to re-energize and conclude our Capital Fund Campaign:

  • Cash Contributions via check, money order, credit card or monthly donation
  • Pledges
  • Stocks/Properties
  • Company Matching Gifts or Employee Contributions
  • Life Insurance
  • Bequests
Mailing address: GPTS, PO Box 690, Taylors SC 29687. To make a one-time or on-going contribution to the Capital Fund, visit our web site Donate page. Or click the button below to make an immediate donation. E-mail our Development Office or call (865) 322-2717 ext. 319 for more information.

Thank you for your part in Building on an Old Foundation, with a vision toward a New Foundation for the future of GPTS and the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In His Service,

Garry J. Moes

Director of Development & Recruiting