Friday, March 8, 2013

Save Taxes, Bless GPTS and Your Heirs

Testamentary Charitable Lead Trust (CLT) allows your estate to eliminate estate taxes by benefiting Christian ministries such as Greenville Seminary during the life of the trust, then pass along the corpus of the trust to your family upon the trust’s termination. For this reason, CLTs are often utilized in an Estate Plan. 

Charitable Lead Trusts are sometimes also established during lifetime and can offer tax and other advantages to the donor. 

Our estate planning affiliate, The PCA Foundation, can establish and serve as trustee of a Charitable Lead TrustIf you would like to receive more information about Charitable Lead Trust, or how one may be established, please click here to request additional information.

Or contact another GPTS-affiliated investment advisor, Sam Head of ING Financial Advisors/Carolinas Wealth Management at for a personal consultation on all aspects of your personal needs or charitable planned giving.