Friday, March 8, 2013

New at Katekōmen: The Eternal Christ

GPTS Alumnus Pastor Ryan M. McGraw offers another chapter from his new book Christ’s Glory, Your Good: Salvation Planned, Promised, Accomplished, and Applied.

"Some biblical truths are not revealed explicitly in any single passage of Scripture. While we learn some doctrines by discerning what lies virtually on the surface of the text of the Bible, we learn others by looking at the “big picture” presented by the book as a whole. To borrow an analogy from Jeremiah Burroughs (1600–1646), when we stand too close to a great work of art, we cannot adequately appreciate the beauty of the painting. It is only when we stand back and view the painting as a whole that it appears to be a brilliant piece of artwork. This is true with respect to the eternal plan of redemption of the triune God.

"The unfolding plan of redemption in the Bible is like a flower gradually coming to bloom in spring. Genesis begins with a promise of global redemption from sin in the bud (Gen. 3:15), the books of the Old Testament unfold this plan gradually in stages, and then the New Testament sets forth this same gospel in its full bloom and unveiled glory. However, when we step back and view the plan of redemption that is set forth in the entire Bible, we must realize at once that this plan carefully follows a divine and eternal blueprint. Redemption is planned, promised, accomplished, and applied to sinners according to this eternal blueprint.

"In order to understand the glory of God’s plan of redemption, we must begin with the glory of the eternal Son of God and His place in the plan of the triune God." Read full article.