Monday, January 7, 2013

Crick Memorial Gift to Benefit Apologetics Program

A considerable memorial gift from Sherri Crick, widow of former GPTS student and adjunct faculty member Dr. Jerry W. Crick, has been received by Greenville Seminary to benefit the Smith-Singer Library and the seminary's Apologetics Program.

The gift will be divided three ways for three apologetics-related purposes:

  1. Some funds will be used to purchase a selection of reference works and circulating items focused on apologetics and ethics. Items on the history of apologetics and the interaction of science and religion may also be included. A memorial plaque will be placed in the library in honor of Dr. Crick and memorial plates will be placed in each of the books.
  2. Some of the funds will be used for a series of special lectures covering some aspect of apologetics or ethics that would honor Dr. Crick's interest in presuppositional apologetics and ethics. Themes for the lectures will be chosen by the faculty.
  3. Funds will also be used to purchase textbooks on apologetics and ethics to be given to selected students. The candidate for the book scholarships must be a resident student entering a second year of study and who has shown diligence in his coursework. Student need will be assessed by the registrar in conjunction with the president. Thirty copies of each of the following books will be purchased: The Westminster Standards – Free Church Edition, Van Til's Apologetic by Greg Bahnson, The Defense of the Faith by Cornelius Van Til, Christian Apologetics by Van Til, The Westminster Larger Catechism: A Commentary by Johannes G. Vos, and Principles of Conduct: Aspects of Biblical Ethics by John Murray.
In presenting the gift, Mrs. Crick noted her late husband's passion for training men for the Gospel ministry. "He had a great desire that they be instructed to defend the faith from a biblical perspective, specifically as set forth by Cornelius Van Til.

"As he has joined the 'great cloud of witnesses,' his faith is now sight," she said. "May his legacy by that, directly or indirectly, many sons may be brought to glory as Christ's ministers faithfully proclaim the whole counsel of God and burn with a holy zeal to see men and nations turn to Him.

"Above all, may all that is done as a result of these efforts be for the glory of our God, the exaltation of our Savior Jesus Christ, and the building of His glorious kingdom, all by the power of the blessed Holy Spirit," she said.

Mrs. Crick lives in Hoover, Alabama. The seminary expresses its high gratitude for this important memorial gift.