Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dr. Dyer's Greek Grammar Now Available at Logos Bible Software

Dr. Sidney D. Dyer's A Preparatory Grammar for New Testament Greek is now available through Logos Bible Software. The work is an introductory grammar to the Greek language. It follows a traditional approach to learning the language fostering a firm foundation of elementary grammatical concepts. With the idea in mind that proficiency in a language is gained through constant practice and repetition, Dyer provides us with a textbook heavy on practical application. It includes conjugation charts, a glossary of grammatical terms, and a diagramming manual to further aid language acquisition.

In the Logos edition, A Preparatory Grammar for New Testament Greek is more powerful and easier to access than ever before. You can not only read and search the book as a whole but also type the verse you are studying in the search bar and have an instant list of the sections with grammatical discussion appropriate to your verse—just click a link to go directly to a section. Integrated with other language resources in your Logos library, the Logos edition will help you unlock the Greek language with ease.

To order this software, go to the Logos Bible Software web site.

Dr. Dyer is professor of Greek and New Testament and serves as dean of students at Greenville Seminary.