Thursday, November 8, 2012

What the Rest of the Bible Says About Genesis

Are Evangelical and Reformed churches plunging headlong into heresies and error that only a short time ago were unthinkable as interpretations of the Biblical account of Creation?

In a recent lecture before the Greenville/Anderson area Creation Study Group, GPTS President Dr. Joseph A. Pipa, Jr. addressed this question in a groundbreaking analysis of what the Bible in its entirety says about this foundational doctrine. Dr. Pipa tackled and undercut the aberrant creation hypotheses of the so-called "day-age," "framework" and "theistic evolution" constructs for interpreting Genesis by positing a comprehensive biblical interpretive scheme which makes these views impossible and unacceptable.

Using the historic hermeneutical approach of "allowing the Bible to interpret the Bible," Dr. Pipa demonstrated how accurate exegesis of all biblical references to creation leads inescapably to a literal, historical view of Genesis 1.

Hear this important lecture on by clicking here.

Greenville Seminary remains in the vanguard of the fight for the historical view of Genesis 1. The official Faculty Statement on this subject can be read here. We believe this statement is unique as an official declaration by a seminary faculty. Students and supporters of Greenville Seminary can be assured of its uncompromising commitment to this view, making GPTS the seminary of choice for those holding to the truth that "Six Days are Six Days."