Monday, September 10, 2012

Dr. Pipa Ministers in Korea, WCF Study Guide Translated

Greenville Seminary President Joseph Pipa Jr. spent the last week of August ministering in South Korea as part of GPTS's relationship with the Korean Institute for Reformed Preaching (KIRP).

On Sunday, Aug. 26, Dr. Pipa preached at a church pastored by Mr. Kim JoonBum, who holds a Th.D. from GPTS. In the afternoon, he preached at Yulin Church (Mr Kim Namjoon, pastor.) Both churches are in Seoul.

Dr. Changwon Shu
For the rest of the week, he taught and preached at the 25th Anniversary Conference of the Korean Institute. The KIRP was founded by Dr. Changwon Shu, who spoke a year ago at the 25th GPTS Convocation. The purpose of the Institute is to promote reformation among Korean pastors and students. Dr. Pipa's contacts with Korean colleagues have result in two men studying at Greenville Seminary.

This was Dr. Pipa's fifth oppotunity to teach at KIRP.  Because of the anniversary conference, there were four lectures and four sermons instead of the usual three of each. Each lecture with translation was two hours. He lectured on "The Nature and Government of the Church," "The Dignity and Work of Ruling Elders," The Role of the Holy Spirit in Preaching," and "The Confession and the Church." His sermons dealt with Psalm 87, "The Beauty of the Church"; Psalm 96, "The Work of the Church"; Psalm 100, "The Nature of Worship"; and Colossians 4:2-4, "The Importance of Prayer."

Dr. Pipa's book The Westminster Confession of Faith Study Guide has recently been translated into Korean and published by The Revival and Reformation Press in Seoul in cooperation with the original British publisher Christian Focus Publications Ltd. through rMaeng2 of Korea. The English version is available through our bookstore here.