Monday, August 6, 2012

We Love Our Volunteers

Greenville Seminary is a small, non-profit institution which depends extensively on the goodwill and largess of individuals and churches that share our theological heart and mission. We are grateful for the many supporters who have volunteered their time and talents, as well as their material resources.

Volunteer receptionists Sylvia Crider (l.) and Vicky Moody double their contribution by doing library work while staffing the phone desk in the Seminary's Reception Office and Bookstore. Other volunteers stuff envelopes, assist our database manager, plan and implement receptions, play the piano at chapel and seminary functions, do landscapting, serve on committees, and represent the seminary in their local churches and communities, among many other things.

Multi-faceted Volunteer Karlinda Moes
GPTS offers numerous opportunities for volunteer service. If you or your group wish to contribute your service (or goods) for the benefit of seminary operations or future development, we would be humbled and grateful to hear from you. Contact Administrative Assistant Gail Anderson (Tel. 864-322-2717 ext. 307) or Librarian Andy Wortman (ext.308) if you would like to help. More than likely, when you call that number, a volunteer receptionist or work-study student will answer. Let us here from you. Visit our web site for areas of service for which you may wish to volunteer.