Monday, July 2, 2012

"Insider Movement" Blurring Christian/Muslim Distinctions

Faithful Christians in Muslim countries are now face growing opposition no one expected from Western Christian missionaries that support "insiders" — so-called "born-again Muslims" who continue to live and worship as Muslims while claiming to inwardly follow Jesus. As "insiders" siphon off support from the West, the pressure increases upon the faithful men who refuse to minister in secret and to hide the light of the world behind a mask of darkness. Some Western missionaries are removing "Son of God" from Bible translations produced for so-called Insider Movements. Concerns about the Insider Movement were debated at the Presbyterian Church in America General Assemble in June.

In the videos below, hear Asians talk about the impact of this movement, in their own words. The makers of the videos are creating a new documentary, "Half Devil, Half Child," concerning the growing problem of Western mission agencies and seminaries blending Christianity with Islam. GPTS is securing a copy of this film, due out this Fall. If possible, we hope to schedule a public showing when available. For more information, check out the following: